Address: 30 Bancroft, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 1LE

Telephone: 01462 507799


HUG Advertising is an independent boutique agency.

Our financial health
Hug Advertising is financially stable with no debt.
Hug Advertising is owned by the senior management team.

Work prioritisation
Weekly team meetings ensure all projects receive the appropriate resourcing and priority within the context of the overall business. Accurate timelines and schedules allow resourcing conflict to be managed effectively. With our network in all disciplines, additional resources can be assigned to ensure delivery should this be required.

Urgent projects are communicated immediately to the Account Director and the Creative Services Director (in charge of work flow and tracking of all production). Within creative and digital departments an allocated “hot desk” operative is available to deal with immediate requirements.

Confidentiality and security of client data
All Client work is stored and accessed from a secure central server hosted at our Hitchin office. All staff are trained and competent in managing data confidentially. Many of our products also necessitate compliance with the data protection act.

Business continuity planning
Hug Advertising has a Business Continuity Plan which is reviewed annually and tested every 6 months. This includes the availability of alternate sites from which staff can carry out their duties in the event of a disaster occurring at the agency’s main business location.